Our purpose will be to provide women investors with current information, tools, resources and encouragement that will help them build a solid foundation in real estate investing. Our belief is that women investors face unique challenges as they seek to become successful real estate investors. In creating and joining a mutual support system, we hope that the members of WINGS will greatly expand their real estate investment opportunities. WINGS will be a place to meet with those who share similar experiences, interests, goals, and concerns related to real estate investing.

This month's meeting topic is:

Time Matters: A Women's Retirement Outlook
 Presenter: Brenda Fried, Financial Advisor with Edward Jones

Brenda is a former Wings member, referred to me as a subject-matter expert by Gayle Becker, a current Wings member. Brenda has personal experience in the good, bad and the ugly of real estate investing, and a unique perspective on the unique financial challenges women encounter in retirement. While we all expect to become extraordinarily wealthy as successful real estate investors, it is important to plan for the unexpected and take steps now, to ensure a comfortable retirement, for when you no longer want to work, or find that health prevents you from working.

Click here for Brenda's bio.


Follow-up: HB 301: Real Estate Licensing of Wholesalers and Real Estate Investors -The bill was withdrawn before it could be brought to a vote in the House Economic Matters Committee.

 The MD Department of Licensing and Regulation is exploring the development of a separate category of licensing for real estate wholesalers. It is likely new legislation will be introduced next year. Large area wholesalers hired a lobbyist to represent their interests in the development of any future legislation affecting wholesalers. Thank you to those who wrote to the bill’s sponsor, House Delegate Sandy Rosenberg, and Members of the House Economic Matters Committee to voice opposition

WINGS is moderated by Judy London Murray

Judy London Murray, is an Associate Broker with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. and has been buying, renovating property and served as housing provider for over 15 years.  She combines her educational background in “regional planning”, with 15+ years of experiences working as a revitalization coordinator for public and non-profit organizations.

In addition to her experience in Baltimore, she lived and worked in South Beach (Miami Beach) between 1985-1999 as a non-profit real estate development coordinator, a project manager for a private developer and a real estate agent.  She has been an active member of MAREIA on and off since 2005 and looks forward to facilitating the WINGS group.